is back. This is a NEW system.
It looks and functions quite the same, but underneath it is new and requires special attention.
Maintenance work will continue intensively during the next several weeks.
You can read the posts we published during the shutdown here.
These are the main points:
1. Because of the long down time we expect a large number of forgotten passwords. Normally, we can't help in such situations, but at this time we will do whatever is possible to help, mainly for Premium users. Details will be published soon.
2. As a result of the extensive cleanup in the list of users, we expect that some innocent users were removed inadvertently. We kept ALL data and will publish a procedure for recovering missing accounts.
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Safe-mail is designed to provide maximum security and privacy without any complexity. Banks, law firms, health care, accountants and similar professional organizations will not provide security unless requested by you! Remember, your information is yours only. Your privacy is at risk when you communicate. Do not do business with any of the above unless your valuable information is protected!