Change of terms
Free registration is now restricted to 3 month. Also there is a new option that is only available at registration: for $5 your account will have 10MB for one year. Free users may enroll to one of the Premium programs, starting at $25 for one year.
For any question regarding registration, please send your message to register at

Important: soon, we will start to disable Free accounts that were not in use (successfully Sign-In) for over 4 month. Premium users will be subject to this rule starting 3 years AFTER they become Free. Invite and Evaluation accounts will be subject to this rule starting one year AFTER they become Free. Disabled accounts will not be restored.
Notice: please ignore messages from bogus address. users may have SPAM free account by only accepting messages from other users and from those in their Address Book. Such an account is virtually a spam free account. Any number of such users may establish a private, secure and spam free group.
SafeBox, Jotter and Archive are available to all users
Use of the Safe-mail system is subject to our Agreement

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Premium Packages29/06/2005
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