Registration as a new user to

Free users and non users may request for up to 4 new accounts in one message.
Premium users may request for up to 15 new Free accounts in one message.
Premium users may also use their option to Invite friends and associates for a 10MB account for one year for free.

All requests should be sent to the register account at
The subject line should be:
Request for new account(s) or
Request for new Invite account(s) or
Request to upgrade Free account(s) to Invite

The body of the message may start with any text if you need to add any, following with a single line per account.
Each line should have the following fields:

John4Black,a45Gk29U,John,Black,,1 617 3456 0789,US
Notice: in case of upgrading from Free to Invite, only the account name is needed.
Fields, beside account name and password, could be NA. Fields should be separated by commas. The user may update these and other fields later from User Info and Preferences.
Once the account is active, we recommend replacing the password.
Requests for new accounts could have up to 2 alternatives, each in one line. Please add a line containing only the word Alternatives to separate between the requested names and the alternative names.
Account name: Please use only letters (A-Z, a-z) and numbers(0-9).
Minus sign (-), Underscore (_) and Periods (.) are also allowed but not as first, last or consecutive.
Account name is case insensitive and should have at least 5 characters.
In case of trivial account names, like Rebeka, 12345 and MrGreen expect to have unwanted messages as such names are likely to found at many domains and therefore will be targeted by spammers.
However, if your account will only accept messages from other users or also from those in your Address Book, use of trivial account names, like Susan1, Moses-2 etc., are OK.
Notice: trivial account names are most likely to be in use already.
Password: Password is case sensitive.

Note: this service is subject to Agreemet